About us


When the world gets smaller, the data gets bigger The closer you look at the world around you, the more data you see, and the more you need Camicero. We help companies unify and analyze massive amounts of data, so they can discover more of the things that matter most in the world around them.

Data can transform your business. Camicero can show you how. With our best-in-class analytics solutions, you can know more about what really matters—and do more than you ever thought possible:

  • Team up with the acknowledged industry leader—With our uniquely integrated solutions, you have the power to harness critical information, operationalize meaningful insights, and create unprecedented value.
  • Leverage our long tradition of constant innovation—Camicero pioneered the practice of leveraging vast amounts of big data to develop tools and technologies, which provide a deep understanding of how businesses work. We continue to lead the way with robust solutions for in-database analysis, digital messaging, and data-driven marketing so you can attain the highest levels of performance, drive revenue, and maintain competitive advantage.
  • Count on us to understand your needs and deliver measurable results—We’re more than a vendor. We’re a trusted advisor. With more than 2,450 implementations across all major industries, we offer a field-proven data warehousing solution backed by more than 30 years of best practices and expertise.
  • Work confidently with proficient and passionate digital marketing professionals on your side

Drive better marketing with better data In a recent Camicero global survey of 2,200 marketers, 50 percent of respondents reported seeing data as the most underutilized asset in their organizations. And while 78 percent felt intense pressure to become more data driven, only 18 percent reported having a single, integrated view of customer activity across all channels.

The simple fact is this: Data-driven marketing delivers enterprise-wide value. Marketers who integrate online and offline data stand to deliver a better customer experience—and that translates into greater revenue.